Apple Mac App Store will be popular for games developers

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The Apple Mac App Store has just been launched, but already signs are that it will be as well supported with games as on the iPhone and iPad.

Already UK-based Astraware has announced via press release the availability of three games (Astraware Solitare, Astraware Mahjong and OddBlob).

From the release:

”Astraware is delighted to bring three of its classic family-friendly games to Mac users. Astraware Solitaire includes 12 of the most popular single-player card games, each with customizable rules, and a choice of card backs and backgrounds. OddBlob is a fun arcade puzzle game where the graphics were entirely created by hand from modelling clay, and Astraware Mahjong takes the ancient tile-matching game and gives it a modern twist with 3D graphics, more than 30 puzzle layouts, multiple difficulty levels and a daily puzzle challenge.”

Not to be undone, developer Freeze Tag, also through press release, announced Unsolved Mystery Club: Amelia Earhart (one in a franchise of casual puzzle games) was also available

From that release:

”The Unsolved Mystery Club series of games explores unexplained mysteries around the world in a new and interesting way. While exploring exotic locations, solving puzzles and playing mini-games, you will find an abundant supply of entertaining and educational information about Amelia Earhart in Unsolved Mystery Club: Amelia Earhart. Each section culminates in a 30s-style newsreel about Amelia and her many accomplishments, with lots of archival video, photographs and audio recordings, all augmented by cinematic musical scores and beautiful, crisp graphics.”

And, of course, there’s Angry Birds.

If this momentum continues (and we’re willing to bet that yes, it will), then the humble Mac is about to see a gaming resurgence.

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