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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Warp blinks onto consoles this February/March

Why the 'slash'? Because Warp, developed by EA Partners and Trapdoor, is kicking off Xbox Live's House Party a month ahead of it's multiplatform launch.

Warp stars the alien fugitive Zero, and features his quest to escape the experimentation facility of the evil humans who've imprisoned him. The game is also a lot deeper than it may first appear with two very distinct ways to play. As the press release puts it: "The choice is up to players to take bloody revenge on every human in the incarcerating facility, or hide and plan their escape for a no-kills, stealth game." Warp is also loaded up with enhancements for Zero's abilities, upgrades, and challenge rooms that should keep things moving and keep players... playing.
We’re very excited to have Warp kick-off  Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Arcade House Party, an event that spotlights the work of independent developers,” said Ken Schachter, Founder, Trapdoor. “Warp delivers an experience that is unique, original and allows gamers to defy the traditional rules of videogames, letting them play the game their way. We are very proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish and hope players embrace it as well.”
The lovable yet lethal Zero warps onto the Xbox on February 15th for 800mspts (to start the House Party ruckus). Fear not non-Xbox folk- he'll also be landing on PSN and PC on March 13th- with those versions to sell for $9.99 USD.
Warp blinks onto consoles this February/March
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