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Good luck to all competitors! is a proud supporter of the Oceania DanceSport Championships. As dancers ourselves, we understand the joy and passion that people have for the sport, and hope that everyone has an excellent competition. Best of luck to the competitors, and we hope all the spectators enjoy some of the finest dancing in Australia.

To do our bit to celebrate the event, we have produced a free, 56-page magazine that is focused on dancing and rhythm games. The Dee Dee Zine specialises in Japanese games, art and culture, so in this magazine you’ll see features on Japanese games, anime, manga and more. Dancesport is massive in Japan, and a big part of their popular culture. You can read it online here, or if you would rather download it to read at home, there’s a print-quality pdf available from our store. Just click here, or on the banner below:

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If you do enjoy the magazine, please check out the rest of the store. The Dee Dee Zine is a monthly magazine for anyone that loves games or has an interest in Japanese art and culture.

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Merchandise has a full team of mascot characters – Dee Dee, Micah, Lorin, Amelia and Nettie. You’ll see those mascots pop up on the site and in the Dee Dee Zine a lot, and if you’re a fan of any of them, then you can grab plenty of incredibly high-quality merchandise featuring the characters on our RedBubble store. Stickers, mug cups, notebooks, t-shirts, phone covers, clocks, coasters, and so much more. The store features thousands of items across dozens of designs to suit every taste.

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Find us on YouTube here! really aims to be a hub for all things Japanese and independent gaming. We hope to see you around after the Oceania DanceSport Competition wraps up. Once again, all the best in the competition, dance your best, and good luck!