A haunting prequel about a hellish journey, Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror has been announced for PC and consoles

A bone-chilling experience through two realms.

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The key art for Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror.

I’m not going to lie: when Dollhouse first launched in 2019, it wasn’t exactly to large amount of fanfare. Or, you know, any. The game looked really promising (see an early trailer here) but there were minimal reviews for it: on Metacritic, it has a total of three ratings for PC, a whopping 22 for PlayStation 4, and zilch for Nintendo Switch. The user reviews were a bit nicer than the critic reviews, but all still hover around the 40 mark. But you know what? I’m still into it. With a new developer and the hope of fixing up some of the lacking gameplay, a new game in the series could still work. That’s why I have hope for the prequel announced today. Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror follows a new character, a singer, as she tries to retrieve the memories lost when she collapsed on-stage during a performance. It is set to launch later this year.

Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror is described as a terrifying first-person horror adventure game. The story, told in a cinematic style, is dark and mysterious. Eliza de Moor is trapped in a labyrinth of her own forgotten memories. She may be able to piece together her past, or she may got lost forever in this new, twisted reality.

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She only has one hope for memory recovery, and that’s Doctor Stern and his experimental medicine. Guided by the drug, Eliza navigates reality and the world behind the broken mirror. This leads to her childhood home, the Dollhouse Mansion in Ravenhill, where unspeakable horror awaits her.

The gameplay is a combination of combat, stealth, and puzzle-solving. Eliza will encounter the creepiest of all horror enemies: dolls. *shudder* Each sinister doll represents one of her hidden memories, and to retrieve them she’ll have to fight or use stealth to evade hordes of them. Various puzzles also guard secrets to her past. Each one should seamlessly integrate with the narrative. Gathering clues and solving puzzles through the ghastly landscape will help Eliza learn the truth.

The decisions players have to make will impact the course of Eliza’s journey and, ultimately, determine her final fate. Thanks to multiple endings, every choice has gravity and every action has consequences. Sure, she could unravel the mystery and remain unharmed… or she may fall victim to the horrors within.

Developed by Indigo Studios and published by Soedesco, Dollhouse: Behind the Broken Mirror will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series later this year.

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