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Monday, June 8, 2020

Did you miss any of our streams last week? Catch up here!

Article by Matt S.

I guess technical issues were always going to hit us at some point, but unfortunately, we did miss out on our weekend streams as we just could not get YouTube to work for some reason. That should be resolved now, thank goodness, so all steam ahead! Also we did get some excellent streams in last week anyway, as we capped off the highlight moment in Final Fantasy IV, we made good progress through Tokyo Dark, and we had a cracking time playing Clubhouse Games/ 51 Worldwide Games!

Retro Tuesday: Final Fantasy II on SNES (i.e. Final Fantasy IV)

DDNet After Dark: Tokyo Dark: Remembrance

Bonus Stream: 51 Worldwide Games/Clubhouse Games

As always, feel free to jump on the streams as we run them this week - the calendar for streams is below. We'd love to chat with you as we play, and the first steam this week will be Retro Tuesday. What will we be playing? Not sure, right now! After five weeks it's time to cycle on from Final Fantasy IV, but what we play next could be anything!

Thanks as always for watching!

- Matt S. 
Find me on Twitter: @mattsainsb

Did you miss any of our streams last week? Catch up here!
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