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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Watch a 40-minute Dragon Quest ballet on YouTube - it's golden stuff

News by Matt S.

We don't generally post stuff on a Sunday night, but I was pointed in the direction of something really special today, and wanted to share it with readers. As we all know, COVID-19 is basically ruining everything. Including our ability to go out and enjoy the fine things in life, like ballet.

Some ballet companies are trying to grapple with that by giving people free shows to watch on YouTube which, while being vastly inferior to the experience of being at a live ballet, is nonetheless a chance to watch ballet. One such example of this is this Dragon Quest ballet. It's a 40-minute version of a 2-hour show that was performed at a Japanese expo in France last year, but it's 40 minutes of the most gorgeous dancing to Dragon Quest music which, as it turns out, is perfect for ballet.

So... enjoy this. It really is great stuff. Hopefully they release a DVD version of the full performance... or the ballet does go on a tour again once this lockdown nightmare is finally dealt with. Also, note that his will probably only be a temporary upload - a lot of live acts are only putting them up to help people get through COVID, so watch it while you can!

- Matt S. 
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Watch a 40-minute Dragon Quest ballet on YouTube - it's golden stuff
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