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Thursday, November 28, 2019

It's a massive Black Friday special from your friends at DDNet!

News by Matt S.

Black Friday is upon us! The ideal time to go shopping for bargains, and we've organised a big one for you. You can get the first two Dee Dee visual novels at 60% off for the next TWO DAYS ONLY. What's more, if you buy them as a bundle, there's an extra 2% discount thrown in, simply because we <3 you so much. That means you'll get both VNs for just $3.40!

Folks have been really enjoying Dee Dee Volume 1 - the first "full" VN project of ours. Check out these reviews:

"[it] succeeds in being inspirational and thought provoking – two characteristics that make a story, be it novel, film, or game, all the more worthwhile." -

"It highlights, reinforces and explains a number of the genre’s appeal elements through practical examples that really drive home the distinction between fantasy and reality that good erotic thrillers have always played with." - Moe Gamer

"This indie VN is up there with the best." - Get A Life Podcast

So, not only are you supporting DDNet, and helping us to produce many more of these VNs down the track, but you'll get a bundle fun and interesting VNs to read right now, with plenty of gorgeous art, humour, and some sexy thrills.

Thank you as always for your support, and we hope you enjoy Dee Dee and her adventures!

- Matt S. 
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It's a massive Black Friday special from your friends at DDNet!
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