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Monday, August 12, 2019

Update on the first Dee Dee VN!

Hi all!

I wanted to quickly share with you all an update on where things are at with that first Dee Dee visual novel project. It's been an interesting process getting things together, from the art to the music and Dee Dee's voice, but once we get this first one out, it'll be a smooth flow from there (in fact, I'm already working on the second, which will be the first "full" VN).

This first VN will introduce you to Dee Dee and "you" (as in, the one Dee Dee keeps chatting to), and will give you a sense of the kind of character and tone that I'm aiming at. There's two decisions to make through the VN (which will run you around 20 minutes or so, at a rough guess of reading time, so the full game is about an hour of content?

The VNs will be a blend of slice of life, humour, and fan service - though of course I'm not ruling anything out down the track as I get more familiar with this stuff and look to try other ideas. Really, the sky's the limit, so if there's anything you want in particular, just let me know. There will probably be some adult stuff in some of them (let's face it, there will be >_>), and of course I'll mark all of that so you can avoid those ones if you so wish.

As of now, I'm just finalising the last bits of art, so I really do expect to have this with you all within the week. I'm going to upload each VN to (and you'll be able to buy them there as separate purchases if you absolutely must, though I would strongly prefer that you just back me on Patreon, where the prices will work out cheaper anyway). Thanks for your patience, and keep an eye out for the next announcement... which will be the game!

- Matt S.
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Update on the first Dee Dee VN!
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