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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Damnit, the new Utawarerumono game is a F2P mobile title...

News by Matt S.

Thank Miku there was that new Miku game announcement earlier today, to make up for the crushing disappointment that the new Utawarerumono game that was announced a week ago has turned out to be a free-to-play mobile game, which has the full name: Utawarerumono: Lost Flag.

There's always the chance that somehow this game will be the mobile title that finally hooks me in and keeps me, but when I think of the strengths of Utawarerumono - that being its rich storytelling and deep narrative, all that I loved in Utawarerumono is completely at odds with the mobile JRPG formula. After all, those games don't make money when you're wading through 20-30 minute long visual novel sections. The entire core of the game is going to be gutted in order to facilitate quick play.

On the other hand, if there is a positive to this, it's that mobile F2P JRPGs do generally go heavy on the fan service, and Utawarerumono is a highly fan servicey series in its own right. Who knows? Perhaps Aquaplus can replicate the success of Type-Moon's Fate and use the mobile title to launch the entire property into the stratosphere. I'd certainly enjoy that!

We also got a new trailer, below. There's no word on a western localisation for this at this stage, but I wouldn't be surprised if there is one. There's always localisers looking to get in on the global success of free-to-play mobile titles.

- Matt S.
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Damnit, the new Utawarerumono game is a F2P mobile title...
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