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Friday, June 7, 2019

Get with the stripping, there's a new Akiba's Trip on the way

News by Matt S. 

It's a little confusing, but the first Akiba's Trip that we got here in the west (Undead & Undressed), was actually the second title in the series. The first was a Japan-only release. Now, however, we're getting a fully remastered version of that game with Akiba's Trip: Hellbound and Debriefed, and I can't wait to rip into this one.

Undead & Undressed worked both as an action JRPG and a satire of the aesthetic, reputation, and lifestyle of those that are wedded to Akihabara. Despite the title and premise, it was quite far from being an erotic game... in fact, it wasn't really all that fanservicey, either. You'd run around town ripping clothes off people, but the action happened so fast you didn't really see anything, and as bonkers as the narrative was, it was not filled with panties and provocative poses.

You can expect more of that with this remake, which brings much the same narrative and characters of that original game to a completely new and modern engine. It's in development by the series creator, Acquire, and will be localised into English courtesy of XSEED.

There's still no release date for this one, but you can expect it on PlayStation 4 and PC.

- Matt S. 
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Get with the stripping, there's a new Akiba's Trip on the way
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