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Friday, July 6, 2018

Photo of the day! Harajuku's famous shopping street

Photos by Matt S.

I've started a new feature where I share photos of my trips to Japan - God knows I take enough of them (I've got around 11,000 stored on hard drives), and I want to share my passion for the country, and everything within it. So, each day I'm going to share a photo from Japan and tell a bit of background story behind it.

This was one of my favourite things about my time watching Japanese baseball. The fans of one of the Tokyo-based teams, the Swallows, have this fun tradition that when their team hits a home run they pull these little umbrellas out and do a little dance from their seats.

Japanese sporting events have impeccably well behaved crowds. They drink a lot (the beer girls running around through the whole event make sure of that), and they cheer loud, but there's never any aggression, no booing players, other supporters, or anyone else, and no harassment. Everyone is there for a good time, everyone has a good time, everyone heads on home.

I highly recommend going to a baseball match in Japan. Get a good one (such as when the two Tokyo teams play, or when Tokyo plays Osaka - which is a rivalry like Sydney/ Melbourne here in Australia), and you'll have a packed stadium of around 40,000 people partying like this. It's great fun.

- Matt S. 
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Photo of the day! Harajuku's famous shopping street
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