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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

This week on the Digitally Uploaded podcast: Goichi Suda and fanservice

This week on the podcast we talk about a couple of topics near and dear to our hearts. The first in Goichi Suda, one of the true gaming artists. Transgressive, progressive, and punkish, Suda-san's games are always distinctive and unique, and he is one of the reasons that we continue to love games as much as we do.

We also have a special guest this week; Lachlan Snell is an Aussie indie developer, who specialises in producing Japanese-style visual novels. He's got a kickstarter underway at the moment for Alluna and Brie and the Tentacle Menace, and he joins us to talk about fan service, visual novels, and Japanese games in general.

As always, you can catch us on Twitter. Otherwise, enjoy the podcast!

Matt S: @digitallydonwld
Matt C: @MC_Odd

The podcast is completely free, and there are a couple of ways that you can listen in:

1) Download the free Podbean application, and subscribe to the Digitally Uploaded podcast there (Just search "Digitally Uploaded"). Alternatively you can find us through our Feed RSS, here:

2) Simply head on over to the Digitally Uploaded mini-website and follow us there. You'll be able to download episodes that way too to listen to them offline:

3) Simply click on the player below to tune in as you browse DDNet!

Enjoy, and as always, please do let us know if you've got any feedback or would like for us to discuss a particular topic on an upcoming show.

This week on the Digitally Uploaded podcast: Goichi Suda and fanservice
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