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Thursday, December 1, 2016

On the minigames within the Final Fantasy series

Article by Matt S.

Starting with the PlayStation 1 megahit, Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix has developed a habit of offering players a minigame or two to indulge in away from the main quest.

These minigames actually play a really valuable role, and going back to the earlier games, which lack them, sometimes feels like a less rounded experience as a result. In giving players a reprieve from the endless cycle of combat and movement from one town or dungeon to the next, the developers have been able to deepen the sense of immersion that players have in the world by instilling a sense of normality to it all; the heroes play sports, have hobbies, and relax from their adventures, and that’s an invitation for us to take a break as well.

Not all of the minigames work. Final Fantasy VII had the abominable snowboarding game (though at other times it had minigames that were really quite good, such as the chocobo racing). Final Fantasy XII’s minigames didn’t go much further than a running race thing that wasn’t entertaining in the slightest.

But then many of the minigames were superb, too. Blitzball in Final Fantasy X was, effectively, a turn based sports game that was so good that it deserves its own game. And then there’s Triple Triad. Final Fantasy VIII’s collectible card minigame was so ridiculously addictive that I would often find myself more interested in collecting cards and playing that game than moving through FFVIII’s actual quest. The underlying mechanics of the card game itself were relatively simple, but the way it was presented, as a “collect ‘em all” that had you travelling to the furthest flung parts of the world to try and track down the rare cards, made it so addictive.

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On the minigames within the Final Fantasy series
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