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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On the ridiculous expectations that people have for Final Fantasy

Opinion by Matt S.

You may have noticed that Final Fantasy XV was released this week. Looking beyond the fact that the game has been so long in coming, it is Final Fantasy - more than any other franchise from Japan - that the mainstream gaming community pays attention to. Nostalgia for the impact that Final Fantasy I, VI, VII and X had on the industry means that people expect every game in that series to have a similar impact. People who would otherwise never play a JRPG will buy a Final Fantasy game. People who don’t even realise that there are dozens of JRPGs released each year will breathe a sigh of relief that there’s “finally” a new JRPG to play when a Final Fantasy game releases.

On the one hand, it’s an enviable position for Square Enix to be in. The company has the only JRPG franchise with a legitimate claim to be a “mainstream” one, and this means that the company can also invest millions and millions of dollars, over ten years, into making a single game in the franchise. We joke about how long Final Fantasy XV has been in development, but there’s clearly a reason it has taken so long. It’s testament to the value of the franchise that the producers at Square Enix were willing to be patient and wait for the game to be right, rather than release it and risk upsetting people with a game of inferior quality.

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On the ridiculous expectations that people have for Final Fantasy
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