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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Retro Reflections: On one of my first hybrid genre games

Retro reflections by Nick H.

One of the really cool things my dad did for me as a kid was rent me a new NES game just about every weekend. It was a cheap way to play a lot of different games, and I'd get them finished, too, as  video games had a tendency to be quite short back then when compared to today. The idea of blowing through a video game in a couple of hours seems pretty far-fetched nowadays, but back then it was a much more likely.

One of the titles my dad rented me was called The Guardian Legend. I will admit that I knew almost nothing about the game. It had sort of an odd, almost eerie cover with a pair of creepy snake-like eyes peering out over a blasted and barren orange-yellow landscape. Back then your only options to figure out if you were going to like a game or not was the cover art, what was on the back of the box and the occasional video game magazine. I could vaguely recall something about it generally being well-regarded from a presentation perspective, but picked apart for various other reasons.

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Retro Reflections: On one of my first hybrid genre games
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