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Friday, February 10, 2012

Pose as Batman in the latest Xbox Live update

Or Joker really. The choice is yours as Gotham City Imposters hits XBLA today, but that's not all this week brings. Being the last Wednesday before the 'House Party', you'd think things would be a tad dry.

Not the case though as Shank 2 graces Live this week as well as another Forza 4 pack and the demo for a tiny lil' game called Mass Effect 3. Ever hear of it?

  • Gotham City Impostors - 1200mspts -- It's first person shooting set in the DC universe, as rival gangs of Batman and Joker wannabe's fight it out on the streets of Gotham. I wonder if every round ends with the Dark Knight storing all still standing securely in the hurt locker?
  • Shank 2 - 800mspts -- The grindhouse gorefest returns as Shank takes on a petty dictator head on. Or should that be 'takes his head'? Either way.
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Pose as Batman in the latest Xbox Live update
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