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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Go, Go! Get to da Choppah! It's the XBL update!

A couple of great demo's and Arcade titles headline the XBL update this week, including the return of the classic arcade game- Choplifter.

First things first- the demo's of both Asura's Wrath (a game I'm really looking forward to) and Final Fantasy XIII-2 have posted and await down of the loading- so go get 'em.

Second things second- Choplifter HD, zombies and all, has gone up alongside survival horror adventure- Amy. You pretty much know what to expect from Choppy. There's flying, there's shooting, there's lifting... there's also fighting the undead, which I didn't really see coming but I digress. Amy is a little bit of a wildcard that I don't know much about. Seems like a very interesting idea for a horror game though...

  • Amy - 800mspts -- This one is about a town overrun by zombies- don't tune out yet! You play as a young woman and a little girl with a special condition who must escape the infection.
  • Choplifter HD - 1200mspts -- The classic arcade rescue game return with some new twists... yes the new twists include rescuing a bunch of folks from a zombie outbreak. You could probably tune out now.
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Deals of the Week
  • Asura's Wrath -- God of War meets Eastern traditions. The boss battles alone look like this one will be worth the price of admission.
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 -- The sequel to FF13 seeks to continue the adventure of the first title while simultaneously continuing the Square/Enix tradition of sequels to sequel non-sequels... My head hurts.
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  • NCAA 12 - $59.99 -- College football at it's best, some say a better game than Madden.
Go, Go! Get to da Choppah! It's the XBL update!
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