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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Get cursed with The Cursed Crusade demo; live now on PS3/ Xbox 360

Atlus' next mega hit (and we all know it's going to be awesome), The Cursed Crusade, is now playable in demo form for XBLA Gold Members and PS3 owners.

The demo gives you access to the Assault on the Castle of Biron mission. The press release certainly has us excited; 

Under a barrage of arrows and faced with a full armament of defending soldiers, the player, as Templar Denz de Bayle, must fight alongside partner Esteban Noviembre to break through the castle defenses, defeat the enemy forces, and ultimately confront a de Bayle family friend, Martin d'Algaïs. The Cursed Crusade's vaunted cooperative play, which supports both local split-screen and online play (local play only in the demo), is accessible, letting Templars-in-training invite a friend in to join the demo stage's stunning set pieces and brutal action. Also on display are the game's weighty medieval combat engine, a mix of bone-crushing attacks, dozens of lethal weapons true to the period, and a preview of the fiery, titular Templar's Curse that casts the world in a hellish orange glow. In addition, the demo offers a completely unlocked list of combos and finishers for all the weapon techniques in the game, allowing players to enjoy the tremendous variety of attacks in the full game. A tale of retribution and survival, The Cursed Crusade is sure to satisfy action gamers everywhere with its violence, gore, and drama.

Coop in the demo? Sounds really good to us! Grab the demo than organise some cursed crusading on our forums; we'll be playing it plenty.
Get cursed with The Cursed Crusade demo; live now on PS3/ Xbox 360
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