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Here at Digitally Downloaded, we’ve gathered together the wittiest and most passionate crew of gamers we could find within the worldwide reaches of the Internet to bring you the absolute best news and reviews on any and everything digitally downloadable. As the gaming industry rapidly evolves from a largely retail based industry to one that’s more digitally focused, our sole purpose is to be your trustworthy guide into this exciting new industry.

With a laidback “coffee house” approach, our talented team brings a warm writing style to the table that’s as easy-going as the conversation shared with a cup of Joe around the morning table with friends.  Whether it’s the day’s leading news story, or the hottest new releases, here at Digitally Downloaded, our doors (comment sections) are always open and we invite you to stay awhile and enjoy the chat.

The Team

Matt Sainsbury, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
If you're keen on JRPGs, RPGs or those interactive spread sheets otherwise known as "Wargames," Matt's your man. The weirder the game, the better, and you'll generally find him happiest when playing those JRPGs that have sold ten copies around the world. Matt cares not what platform he plays these games on, as he has them all. Just don't ask his opinion of a game before he's had his ten morning coffees. He's cranky then!

Contact Matt at - please direct all editorial enquiries to him directly.

Disclaimer: Matt does work with a game developer, Big Ant Studios. Because of this, and in the interest of avoiding any perceptions of a conflict of interest, no one at DDNet will cover any news regarding Big Ant Studios, nor any company that Big Ant is in partnership with. Obviously, we will also not review any games that come from Big Ant or its partners, either.

Nick Herber, US Editor
Nick has been playing video games a long time -- quick show of hands, who remembers the TI-99/4A? (…crickets’ chirping) That’s where Nick got his start though and he’s been gaming ever since. He usually finds his way to sports, RPG and strategy titles, but has more than his share of experience with every genre and most consoles at every end of the spectrum. Nick must be here, 'cause definitely not all there.

Christopher Ingram, Editor
A roughneck by day and a writer/editor by night -- this self-proclaimed Indie Gaming fanatic is as hardcore as they come, both in the virtual and real world alike. He certainly enjoys his FIFA and NHL games as well, but will give any Indie title a chance. However, call him a “fanboy” at your own risk – after all, we did tell you he’s a roughneck!

Lindsay Mayhew, News Editor
Lindsay picked up an NES controller for the first time at the age of 6 and instantly fell in love. She began reviewing GBA games ten years ago and quickly branched out from her Nintendo comfort zone. She is a proud resident of Canada’s capital, and owns her own small photography business. When she isn’t busy taking photos, writing, or playing video games, she volunteers for local arts organizations and animal rescues.

Clark, Technical Editor
Digitally Downloaded's resident retro junkie and Sonic enthusiast. Though not the fastest thing alive, he'll certainly run from you in any multiplayer game. When not collecting rings, you can find him caught up in JRPGs and shoot-'em-ups.

Minako Iwasaki, Japan Editor
Games and Japan are inseparable, and so Minako keeps us up to date with all that is going on in the world of Japanese gaming.

Sam McGraw, Contributor
The second most famous Australian on the site, Sam is your average night gamer. Forever ignoring the restrictions of time, staying up late to enjoy a wide variety of games. Adventuring large vistas, which largely reflect his massive backlog, Sam enjoys buying games just as much as he enjoy playing and talking about them. If he describes his favourite game to you whilst talking like a zombie, you'll know that he knows what he's talking about.

Maxwell Smart, Contributor
Max lived on the planet Earth until he played the last BIT.TRIP game and was subsequently transported into the Ether. Through the wonders of broadband internet connection, he still manages to write reviews for Digitally Downloaded.  We know he likes to get his game on with Android, Nintendo and PC devices, but he claims he’d also like Sony too – if he could afford it, that is.

Harvard Liu, Contributor
A true optimist, Harvard manages to find something to enjoy about any genre of game. He enjoys JRPGs the most and while he's pretty terrible at action or strategy games, he continues to play them anyway. He is constantly trying to recommend obscure titles to his gamer friends, even though most of them resent the many times he has let the team down.

PY Lanthier, Contributor
PY Is an avid gamer who specialises in the RPG/SRPG genre. He has been playing video games ever since his father brought home an NES for the first time. He claims he won't win any awards with his Halo or Gears of War playing. That being said, PY still feels pretty confident that when the occasion should arise, he can hold his own.

Jim Sweet, Contributor
Jim has been gaming since he was about four years old, when he and his brother got an NES that he still has to this day. While the gaming scene really did not take for his brother, it certainly did for Jim who is now in his mid 20's and will give almost any kind of genre a chance.

Farida Yusuf, Contributor
Farida is a young student and slayer-in-the-making from London. She has an uncanny fascination with medieval RPGs (which really, fits right in around here), and has embarked on a quest to discover the ultimate contestant in the genre. In the meantime, she takes satisfaction in looking to contribute on most things that catch her fancy.

Brad Long, Contributor
Known to many as a "dad" gamer, Brad is full of dad-jokes and enjoys wholesome family entertainment by day, but once the kids are tucked in, enjoys digital evisceration as much as the next person. An advocate for keeping "dudebro" games away from 8 year olds, Brad is also a teacher in training, and hopes to spread the message that children should definitely keep some form of innocence, even if it means playing every single LEGO game known to man.

Jedediah Hoy, Contributor
Pridefully referred to as "The Major" by all of his dearest friends, for reasons incomprehensible to himself and all who may find him barely romantically appealing, Jedediah is a persistent believer and participant in continually developing the faculties of the mind and body -- awkward one-legged squats develop his body; video games that reflect a studio's efforts and passion develop his mind. He generally finds value and enjoyability in even the most "flawed" of games, as long as he's allowed to name somebody, anybody, some variation of "The Major."

Trent Petronaitis, Contributor
Living in regional Australia, Trent has been playing games throughout his youth. Experiencing a variety of retro consoles which he is still fond of today. His favorite of the era, Hyperchase on the Vectrex a symbol of the simplicity and intrigue of the games he can attach himself to and just never stop talking about. However his favorite games often lie in obscure genres long forgotten by developers, such as survival games in vain of Survival Kids and Shelter, and simulation games such as Theme Hospital and Prison Architect.

David Watkins, Contributor
David is a games writer, who since The Lawnmower Man has wanted to recreate himself in digital realities. For over two decades he has waited for a virtual reality Elder Scrolls game. Strangely, as he himself ages, his avatars remain around 25. He lives in Southampton, England and has written for Official PlayStation Magazine UK. You can find him on PSN as tootsie-lad.

Hamza Ansari, Contributor
A Half-Life fanboy (and not even ashamed to admit it) this guy ditched his wireframe glasses - courtesy of countless Rescue Rover and SkyRoads marathons - and fashioned for himself a more thick-bodied extra pair of eyes, similar to the one adorned by the mute scientist. He once also tried fooling around with a crowbar... until it flew out of his hand and struck a cat. Reportedly, he hasn't touched a crowbar since.

Eduardo Raposo, Contributor
Exiled from his homeland of Brazil at a young age, Eduardo sought refuge in Belgium, France, Nintendo, and TV. A child of many cultures, he soon found a new home on the internet as well, which led to him discovering the procrastinative properties of anime and online gaming. After a decade of contributing to the anime and manga communities, he decided to focus once again on (console) gaming. Now, whenever he's not too lazy, he plays on his Nintendo and Sony consoles. Eduardo is also scared for his sanity, as he is speaking about himself in third person.