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Digitally Downloaded is a site commited to one of the most exciting trends in the gaming industry: the digital distribution of products. By cutting out the retail middleman, digital download platforms are havens for startup developers, indie gaming and budget prices for the consumer.

We're committed to providing as much news and reviews, across all digital download platforms, that our fingers can churn out. There's a lot to do and we're always looking for more fingers to help with the typing: take a look below if you're interested in contributing! We love games, and downloading them, and we hope you enjoy your time here.

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-- Jason M. - News and reviews writer
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-- pixelman - Freelance contributor

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We're always on the look out for dedicated gamers that love writing about their favourite hobby! Shoot an email over to to ask about joining our team. We have a couple of open roles at the moment, if you have an interest in writing, shoot us over an email.

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