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Monday, December 6, 2021

I was on a podcast to talk about JRPGs!

News by Matt S.

This is just a short note, but since everyone who reads DDNet knows I love my JRPGs, I thought that this podcast that I was recently invited on to might be of interest.

The kind folks at Blowing Cartridges were kind to invite me on to their podcast "Why JRPGs Stand Apart - A Genre Discussion". It's an hour and a half-long chat that is wide-ranging and, I hope, interesting. We talk about what distinguishes a JRPG from an RPG, the history of the genre, whether developers outside of Japan can create JRPGs, and then what our favourite entries in the genre are. See if you can guess mine!

It really was a thrill to be invited on, and be sure to check it out (and add the podcast to your playlist! They're good people). The podcast is available here, or on Apple Podcasts.

- Matt S.
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I was on a podcast to talk about JRPGs!
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