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Friday, March 19, 2021

The Week in Review: March 19, 2021

Video by Matt S.

Activision can screw off. That's the big bit of news this week after the company announced that it was going to axe 200 people while giving CEO, Bobby Kotick, a bonus of $200 million. I'd say "stop supporting Activision," but the video game industry does love rewarding those of the lowest ethics, so it'd be wasted energy on my part.

There was also some controversy involving Fortnite this week, Sony features twice, and Experience Inc has some news... and I want to give Experience Inc all the boosts that I can. They're great.

Links to the various news bits:

Experience Inc:
Activision Blizzard:
Sony and Evo:
Sony just giving away stuff:

- Matt S.
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The Week in Review: March 19, 2021
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