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Friday, January 15, 2021

We have got a release date for New Pokemon Snap

News by Matt S. 

The Nintendo Switch is off to a flying start in 2021, but one of the most exciting games of all is surely New Pokemon Snap. We have been waiting for a sequel to the Nintendo 64 fan favourite for many years now, and it's finally happening.

In Pokemon Snap, you don't fight Pokemon. Rather, you try to get the best possible photos of them, by travelling through the world and patiently waiting for that perfect moment to snap the camera. The quality of the photos that you take is based on the poses they make and how well they fill the frame, and you have access to a couple of tricks to try and make the pokemon do something interesting.

The Nintendo 64 original had about one hour's worth of raw gameplay. The fact that many of us spent dozens and dozens of hours slowing filling our digital photo books with "perfect" snaps of every pokemon just goes to show how compelling this formula really can be.

It releases on April 30. Naturally, it's exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

- Matt S. 
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We have got a release date for New Pokemon Snap
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