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Monday, September 21, 2020

Is this the most beautiful Hatsune Miku figure of all time?

News by Matt S. 

As just about everyone knows by now, I have an extended collection of Hatsune Miku figures – we’re talking dozens of them. It’s my big collection and hobby, and has been for some years now. The quality of these figures has been trending ever-upwards (to go with the cost!), but Good Smile – one of the leading creators of high-quality figures, has just announced what might be the most beautiful of all.

It’s a figure is in celebration of Symphony Miku’s 5th anniversary (a sub-series that is all about classical instruments and “high art” like ballet and… yes, the symphony). It will feature Miku on pointe, in a ballet post, with her long twintails of hair dancing around her, and it is a beautiful figure.

Expect this one to cost around $500 when it lands (at the moment, it’s just “coming soon”). Good Smile has also announced a nendoroid version of the future, but no idea what that will look like at this stage. 

The elegance of ballet plus the majesty of the symphony plus Hatsune Miku… I don’t think the fine arts gets better than that.

- Matt S. 
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Is this the most beautiful Hatsune Miku figure of all time?
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