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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Good mobile news! Dragon Quest Tact is getting a western release!

News by Matt S. 

Dragon Quest Tact is one of those mobile games that I think I'm going to like a whole lot. It's a simple tactics strategy game, and it uses the Dragon Quest series' iconic characters and visuals. What about that is not a good idea?

(I also really loved the little Dragon Quest tactics game that was released on Nintendo DSiWare - Dragon Quest Wars - and have been aching for something like that ever since).

This game released on iOS and Android in Japan in July. Details from the press release:

Build the Ultimate Monster Team – Assemble a roster of monsters both cuddly and terrifying! Train, equip, and customize them to make them your very own! 

Outwit Your Enemies in Battle – Orchestrate your monsters’ movements in a pocket-sized tactical experience! Pick-up-and-play controls and deep tactical elements give experts and newcomers something to enjoy. Study the battlefield and outwit your foes on-the-go!

Every Monster Has a Place – Monsters of all rarity levels and strengths have a role to play! Resourceful players will be rewarded on the Battle Road, where monsters of all power levels will be required. An ever-growing list of freely obtainable monsters means that you can grow your roster without spending at all!

A Rich and Vibrant Adventure Awaits – Long ago, when an evil force brought the world of Orchesterra to the brink of destruction, a legendary hero led a loyal band of monsters in defiance. Thanks to their courage and wit, the dark lord was sealed away, bringing peace to the world. Ages have passed, and once again the threat of evil looms over Orchesterra—will you rise to the task?

We don't have a release date for the game just yet, but pre-registration is already available on Android.

- Matt S. 
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Good mobile news! Dragon Quest Tact is getting a western release!
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