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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Feeling lusty? I sure am! Lust from Beyond has a release date

News by Matt S.

As anyone who knows me knows, I rather like when eroticism and dark narratives combine. Heck, I've even written a visual novel along those lines myself. It doesn't happen all that often in the games industry because video games remain reticent in dealing with erotic themes (and tends to be very juvenile when it does), but there was one particular game that I found to be very special in this regard - Lust for Darkness. Lust from Beyond is the sequel to that game, and it releases on September 24.

Promising much the same as its predecessor ("inspired by Lovecraft, Giger and Beksiński!") the developers promise that you don't need to have played Lust for Darkness to be able to jump into the sequel. From the press release, features include:

▫️ Bold erotic themes merged into horror convention
▫️ Gameplay from the point of Victor Holloway, the Seeing One
▫️ World inspired by the works of Lovecraft, Giger and Beksiński ,br> ▫️ Exploring a graphically advanced environment, full of interactive items and ingenious puzzles
▫️ Running from and fighting otherworldly monsters!
▫️ Rich sound and music design

Based on the new trailer the game does indeed look much more ambitious and robust than its predecessor. At the same time it doesn't look like it has lost any of its decadent energy and sense of the grotesque.

I'm really, really looking forward to this. A lot.

- Matt S. 
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Feeling lusty? I sure am! Lust from Beyond has a release date
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