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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Get ready for even more Picross on your Nintendo Switch

News by Matt S.

Like Picross? Of course you do. "Number crosswords" as they're colloquially known, Picross is the kind of puzzle experience that feels immensely rewarding. You finish a Sudoku puzzle and it's just... done. Same goes for crosswords. But with Picross, you finish the puzzle, you get to admire the picture that you have just "drawn."

That popularity has led development specialist, Jupiter, to much success over the years, and the company is now preparing to drop the fourth in the Picross S series on Nintendo Switch. Picross S4 promises to be so much more of the same that it'll get you through COVID-19 isolation all by itself.

Picross S4 features 485 puzzles in total - a record for the series, spread across four different gameplay modes - Standard, Mega, Color and Clip. Puzzles range from the easy "training" 5 x 5 puzzles, right through to 30 x 30 epics that will take you plenty of time to complete. If you've got save data for the previous three Picross S titles on your Switch, you also unlock additional 40 x 30 puzzles for an even more challenging experience.

Picross S4 lands... well, in just a few days. April 23. It'll cost you about $10, or equivalent in local currency.

- Matt S. 
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Get ready for even more Picross on your Nintendo Switch
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