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Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Trials of Mana remake is looking gorgeous!

News by Matt S. 

A couple of new gameplay videos of the upcoming remake of Trials of Mana have surfaced at Gamescom. A lot of us were worried about how this one would go (because that Secret of Mana remake was just a brutal kick in the nuts for how great the original was). Thankfully Square Enix seems to have pulled this one out.

Vibrant, colourful environments combine with what looks like some pretty decent action - remember that these are early parts of the game on display, so if it looks a little on the "slow and easy" side, that's probably why. The Rabites are absolutely adorable, too! I always feel bad when I kill those cute little critters.

This one lands on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC in early 2020. It's now very high on my radar.

- Matt S. 
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The Trials of Mana remake is looking gorgeous!
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