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Monday, June 10, 2019

E3 Trailer: Ghostwire: Tokyo is intriguing

News by Matt S. 

We don't usually cover Bethesda, and the bulk of this year's Bethesda stage show isn't inspiring us to change that stance. However, we would be remiss if we didn't highlight one project - in part because it's really Mikami Shinji's Tango Gameworks, and therefore only marginally related to the rest of Bethesda's business.

Mikami's new project is called Ghostwire: Tokyo, and it's an intriguing game to say the least, mixing a Blade Runner-style vision of modern Tokyo with very Japanese supernatural elements. Given that Japan itself is that gorgeous mix of hyper-modernity and reverence for traditional spirituality, this game should (at least we hope) provide a solid vision for something real about Japan.

Mikami's recent track record is a bit of a concern, of course, with The Evil Within and its sequel being better in concept than in practice. Sadly, the trailer of Ghostwire: Tokyo doesn't show off how the game will play, which, in context, is a bit of a concern.

But still, it's an intriguing game, and a breath of fresh air in the Bethesda show, which was otherwise a horrible montage of contextless violence and stupid jokes about how awesome nuclear warfare is. Classy company, Bethesda.

- Matt S. 
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E3 Trailer: Ghostwire: Tokyo is intriguing
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