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Friday, May 24, 2019

Gust's new game has... a very pretty girl (SHOCK!)

News by Matt S. 

Koei Tecmo's JRPG house, Gust, has teased its next project, with a 35-second trailer that tells us almost nothing about the game, except for a bit of text at the end that says "our adventure is about to begin". But the trailer shows an absolutely gorgeous girl so we know that firstly, Gust is up to its usual tricks, and secondly, I'm fully sold on the game.

If I was to try and analyse the trailer I would look at the music used, which shares the same airy, nostalgic tones of Gust's Blue Reflection. That's not to suggest that the game might be some kind of continuation of Blue Reflection, mind you. The character design doesn't look Mel Kishida was involved. But if my ears aren't deceving me, having the same music talent behind this game is a major win from the outset. Blue Reflection's soundtrack is next-level good.

Either way, we won't have to wait long for more information on this one. Gust will be doing a full reveal on May 28.

- Matt S. 
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Gust's new game has... a very pretty girl (SHOCK!)
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