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Friday, April 21, 2017

The DDNet Debate: On art and "graphics" in games; what's important, and are pixels beautiful?

So, last week, we discussed the role of music in games in our DDNet team debating session. This week we thought we’d continue on that theme, and discuss the role of graphics in games. Is it just the hyper-realistic stuff that counts as “good graphics,” or is the visual artistry of games more broad than that?

Also; are pixels beautiful, and just what are the better looking games out there? Graphics in games is a topic that gets discussed a lot, but often on a superficial level; frames per second, or counting polygons. Rarely do we talk about styles and approaches to graphics, and what they do for the games in question.

Matt S: One of the things that I always find so fascinating is this assumption that older games have "weaker" graphics, as though the quality of a game's art is directly related to the polygons that go into it.

Matt C: Realism is what all games should strive for. But on a more serious note; all the hardware power of PS4, and it's still rare to see games that look as good as bargain bin SNES games.

Matt S: It's a very common perception though, in all seriousness, and I find it odd, because really, some of the most beautiful art out there in games is done with sprites... or minimalist tones in modern games.

Final Fantasy VI was a beautiful game, and the art just can't be replaced without pulling the soul out of the game. As we saw when Square Enix remade the art for the mobile port of Final Fantasy VI and no one liked it.

Is "realism" good graphics or...

The DDNet Debate: On art and "graphics" in games; what's important, and are pixels beautiful?
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