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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Game Theory: On Persona 5 and the perception of reality

Game theory by Matt S.

One of the core themes that runs through Persona 5 is the question of reality; or, more specifically, what is reality? It’s a topic that on the surface is quite straightforward: reality is what we see in front of us. I wake up in the morning, and my reality is what I see around my home. My wife is the person I see her as. My friends are the people I see them as. The person who gets on a train carriage designated “quiet carriage” with a screaming baby, when the carriage right next door on the same train is not a quiet carriage, is an arsehole. This is my experience of reality, and it’s complete, accurate, and definite.

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But of course Persona 5 is too complex for such a simplistic view on reality, and proposes something far greater. Increasingly, scientists and philosophers are coming to the understanding that reality is not just subjective - i.e. the question of whether a tree that falls in the middle of a forest really does fall – but rather, reality is relative. It’s entirely a construction, and one person’s reality is going to be constructed entirely different to another’s.

Note: There are some very minor spoilers in the extended article. If you want to avoid these (and of course, fair enough, though I promise there's nothing major), then please don't read on.

Game Theory: On Persona 5 and the perception of reality
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