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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

We should be celebrating our B-grade games

Opinion by Matt S. 

I am playing an Earth Defence Force game for the first time with Earth Defence Force 4.1 on the PlayStation 4. Yes, I know I probably should have played one of these games sooner because, yes, they fall right smack bang into the category of 'games wot I like to play, innit?', But for whatever reason, I’ve only just now had the chance to give the series a whirl. I’m glad I’m catching up. This game is incredible.

Earth Defence Force 4.1 is incredibly Japanese, it’s incredibly humorous, and it’s also incredibly B-grade. It’s completely evident as I play that I’m not exactly playing Uncharted 4, Overwatch, or any other big blockbuster shooter you can think of. I’m aware that I’m playing a game that, on technical merit or design credentials, is inferior when compared to the titles that I’m meant to enjoy more than this, based on respective Metacritic ratings.

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But, you know what? As far as I’m concerned, we need B-grade games like Earth Defence Force. And I prefer playing this to any of the AAA blockbusters that I have played for quite some time (well, except for perhaps Overwatch. Gosh that game). So I also don’t necessarily think it’s fair to mark a game down for being B-grade. I think these games should be celebrated, warts and all, for also being examples of unbound creativity.

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We should be celebrating our B-grade games
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