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Thursday, June 2, 2016

So, which Persona 4 character are you?

Fun by Matt S. 

There's a popular personality test out there that breaks people down into one of sixteen different personality types, based on how they respond to a wide range of different questions. It's actually a good quiz to do, and does offer some interesting insights into your character if you do it properly.

And, notably, it is based on other, more comprehensive personality tests. So, if you're interested to see what kind of person you are, click on over here to do the quiz. It'll only take you 20 minutes or so.

So, what does Persona have to do with this? Well, someone has created a fun little infographic that places each of the characters into one of those personality types (below). What's fascinating about the graphic is that it actually checks out; each of the characters does indeed belong to that personality type.

So perhaps this is in part why Persona 4 is such an incredible narrative game - that it manages to reflect so many distinct personality types, and then set them against one another - or in complement to them.

Incidentally, my personality type is INTP - or Mitsuo Kubo. Basically, I'm the kinda guy that likes being right, and don't care what toes I step on in the process. Not sure I like being in the same personality group as that psychopath, though. Heh.

Anyway, let us know which of the Persona crew you are!

- Matt S. 
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So, which Persona 4 character are you?
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