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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New I Am Setsuna characters revealed, pre-order bonuses detailed

News by Lindsay M.

It’s like Square Enix was reading my mind: just yesterday I thought, “Hmm, I Am Setsuna is out soon but things have been relatively quiet on that front.” And bam! the publisher drops a boatload of new goodies to showcase the upcoming game by Tokyo RPG Factory.

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I’ve loved the artwork for I Am Setsuna from the beginning, and this latest batch just increases that level of excitement.

I would love to live on this farm. It is so tranquil.

A small town surrounded by a very large, technologically-advanced wall. What are they trying to keep out?

We also get a look at the supporting cast, beginning with a group illustration. There is also individual character art to whet your appetites that much more.

The main characters of I Am Setsuna. In the centre are Endir and Setsuna. They are surrounded by Aeterna, Julienne, Nidr, and Kir.





The Reaper is the one character not represented in the group illustration — perhaps a villain?

Square Enix has also announced pre-order incentives for I Am Setuna. PlayStation 4 users can get two dynamic themes as soon as they pre-order, a daytime theme (Shiro) and a nighttime theme (Kuro); they will also receive one bonus track, Eternal Winter. Steam users who pre-order the game receive a different bonus track, The Warmth of Hope. I Am Setsuna launches on July 19.

- Lindsay M.
News Editor

New I Am Setsuna characters revealed, pre-order bonuses detailed
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