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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wargaming's Jacob Beucler on bringing Master of Orion back in 2016

Interview by Matt S.

I’m about 100 turns in when I realise something is going very wrong with my little galactic empire. My rate of production was slowing down. I was spending a lot of my time chasing space pirates around, and they were taking advantage of my disorganisation and dropping nuclear missiles on my population. I had expanded to five planets, sure, but at least two of them were developing too slowly to be of much use; one because the gravity conditions didn’t suit my population, and the other because I mistakingly assumed that I’d be able to effectively mine a life-devoid rock planet by using science to artificially sustain the population.

And there were other races of people that were starting to make contact with mine, and could surely see my weak position. I could feel the sharks starting to circle…

This was my first experience of Master of Orion, an upcoming 4X strategy game, and the first to be published by WGLabs, the publishing arm of development giant, As a reboot of a classic and venerated franchise, it has had a rocky start in Early Access on Steam as the developers work to try and marry fan nostalgia with modern design principles, but the team behind the game is confident that they’re getting there.

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Wargaming's Jacob Beucler on bringing Master of Orion back in 2016
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