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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

To The Moon gets a sequel with Finding Paradise

Four years after the initial release of To The Moon, Freebird Games has announced that it will have a sequel. Finding Paradise is set to be released late this year or early next.

For those who missed it, To The Moon is an adventure game made using RPG Maker XP by Canadian Kan Gao and his development team, Freebird Games. It is the story of an old man about to die, and two scientists grant the man one last wish that will be granted in a dream. However, in order to grant the wish the scientists have to enter the man’s memories to gain further understanding of him.

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In his review, Matt calls the game “the ultimate in indie game development” due to its experimental nature (or a game that isn’t really a game); he also praised it for “[proving] that games can tell compelling stories” and being "a beautiful game that should be experienced more than played.”

Finding Paradise will follow the same structure as To The Moon, with scientists exploring an old man’s past to help grant his dying wish. However, the old man in Finding Paradise isn’t a new character: he’s the aged protagonist from Freebird Games’ indie short, A Bird Story.

- Lindsay M.
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To The Moon gets a sequel with Finding Paradise
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