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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Phoenix Wright 6 is confirmed and will see a Western release!

While many of us Ace Attorney fans suffer the whims of the localization gods as we await news on The Adventures of Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, Famitsu – in a turnabout revelation – teased the existence of a sixth mainline entry.

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According to this week’s Famitsu magazine and the translators over at Siliconera, Ace Attorney 6 will introduce new characters, gameplay elements, and a whole new setting. For the first time in the main series, the game will take part outside of Japan (or Los Angeles in the EU and NA localizations) in a mysterious country with spiritualist beliefs.

This new entry, which will be coming to Nintendo's 3DS, will be directed and produced by Ace Attorney veterans Takeshi Yamazaki and Eshiro Motohide. Capcom has confirmed via Twitter that the game will eventually get a Western release, but for now we'll have to turn our hungry eyes towards Japan as they will be getting a first taste of the game at TGS 2015 later this month.

- Eduardo R.
Phoenix Wright 6 is confirmed and will see a Western release!
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