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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea coming to PS3 on 13 March 2015

News by Jedediah H. 

Developed by Gust according to community feedback from the previous Dusk titles, feedback that will result in an ease-of-entry for newcomers (a simpler menu for synthesis) while ensuring that the combat is fast and strategic for veterans, Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea, the final chapter of the Atelier Dusk Series, will be available for the PlayStation 3 on 13 March 2015.

Atelier Shallie is the tale of two girls, both of whom share the nickname "Shallie": mission-focused Shallistera, who's on a quest to cure her father, and the energetic Shallote, who wishes for her alchemy shop to find success after the passing of her father. As dual main character systems go, you'll be able to choose which heroine to start out as, and as the story progresses further into cuteness and alchemical mastery, their stories will intertwine like an impromptu pinky-promise.

Shallistera promises to never ask you to pinky-promise, ever.

Here are a few debatable improvements for this entry in the Atelier Dusk Series:
  • Free time management system that makes for unlimited playtime
  • A more straightforward menu for the Synthesis System (as previously mentioned)
  • 360 degree camera, which is a testament to the expanded environments that evolve based on progression
  • Quest System that grants the choice of taking on only the quests necessary to complete the game, or to accept additional quests that require more skill and thus offer greater reward

"If you'd like to shine and know more about our adventure, visit our humble site."

13 of March 2015 for PlayStation 3: now that you know the date, I hope you've been brushing up your alchemy.

-Jedediah H.
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Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea coming to PS3 on 13 March 2015
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