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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TGS Photos: The girls (and occasional guy) of Tokyo Game Show Part One

GREE girls TGSPhotos by Matt S.

Tokyo Game Show would certainly look different without its girls. The "booth babe" is a tradition all-but outlawed with most western game shows, but it's alive and well in Japan, as you'll see from the series of photo slideshows that we'll do this week.

The question on whether TGS should get rid of the girls is an interesting one. It can be exploitative, and it doesn't do anything to enhance the conversation around games. This is all quite true. At the same time most of the exhibitors at TGS are now hiring cosplayers to do a lot of the costume side of things, and generally speaking everyone seemed to take these things in a good spirit. What the booth girls do do is add a showbiz atmosphere to the event.

Anyhow, while I'll happily have the debate about booth girls at another time, I'm not going to do it in these pieces. Rather, across these photo galleries, I'll be showing off some of the weird, wonderful costumes and cosplays that I saw at TGS.

Phantasy Star booth girl
Let's start things off with a pretty darned impressive set of cosplays for Phantasy Star Online 2

One of the (many, many) GREE girls posing next to a scooter.
GREE easily had the most booth girls at the show (the photo at the top was just a fraction of the lineup).

Dragon Age Booth Girl
EA's booth had this amazing Dragon Age cosplay.
Sadly, no one was actually playing Dragon Age (the rope at the back is meant to be the lineup)

TGS booth models
I have no idea what game these girls are selling, but they seem to be having fun.

Onechanbara Booth Model
If you've played a Onechanbara game you'd appreciate how authentic this costume is.
Equally impressive is how brave you'd need to be to wear this anywhere but at a Brazilian beach.

Tokyo Game Show photos
A pre-show photo opp for a group of models working on an independent booth.

Final Fantasy cosplay
It wouldn't be a game show if there weren't Final Fantasy cosplayers about.
I'm not sure these two were even employed by a booth.

Bandai Namco booth model
Bandai Namco promoting Gundam, as you can see from the Gundam in the back.
Namco had a very impressive booth, actually. Lots of games, lots of Gundam.

Nobunyaga cosplay
Koei Tecmo has a franchise in Japan where it replaces historical Sengoku people with cats.
Think Samurai Warriors, but with more meow, and you're arriving at the same awesome place that created this series.

World of Tanks booth girl
Finally for our first gallery, had a big presence at TGS, as it further expands on World of Tanks.
Attention soldier!

- Matt S.
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TGS Photos: The girls (and occasional guy) of Tokyo Game Show Part One
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