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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oh look. The Last Of Us is coming to PlayStation 4

News by Matt S. 

That game that got way too many Game of the Year awards (even though, yes, it is a really good game), is coming to the PlayStation 4.

I'm not surprised that Sony has decided to earn some extra money by selling the same game, slightly prettier, to the faithful, but I had hoped that the industry in general was now over these "buy this old game with better graphics" deal with the next gen. The console launch is over and it was filled with the usual ports and nonsense. Now it's time for developers to start working on new games for the consoles.

Or to put it in another way; I didn't by my PlayStation 4 so I could play PlayStation 3 games with better hair physics. I bought it so I could play PlayStation 4 games. No more "HD" ports, thanks.

Anyway, the port will include better looking character models, as well as the DLC from the original release. There will also be new multiplayer maps, on a game that never needed multiplayer in the first place. Perhaps the most interesting new feature is that it comes with commentary from the creative director and cast - such things can be hit or miss, but if they're hits they can provide amazing insights into the creative process behind the game.

- Matt S. 
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Oh look. The Last Of Us is coming to PlayStation 4
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