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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Europa Universalis IV expansion announced; this one is all about the $$$s

News by Matt S. 

Coming hot on the heels of the brilliant first expansion to the core Europa Universalis IV game, Paradox Development Studio has announced that its second expansion will be called Wealth of Nations, and will focus entirely on expanding the trade side of the game.

Now, if Europa Universalis IV has an Achilles heel, it is the trade system. While it works, it takes more practice to properly understand than is perhaps worth while in the initial release. But with this expansion it should be worth hitting the virtual books to become a virtual economist.

Paradox is promising in the expansion that it will be possible to initiate covert trade wars with competitors to break their economies and redirect the wealth to your own shores. Alternatively you'll be able to hire privateers to engage in a spot of piracy and commandeer gold on your nation's behalf.

It'll also be possible to establish a trade capital separate from your national capital and improve trade lines by bringing the centre of your nation's wealth closer to the trade routes, and you'll be able to establish the East India Company to improve your trading capacity with the furthest reaches of the world.

For people that like the idea of a non-combative Europa Universalis experience, this expansion is going to be essential.

- Matt S. 
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Europa Universalis IV expansion announced; this one is all about the $$$s
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