Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Nippon Ichi America veterans set up new localisation and publishing company; acttil

Three former Nippon Ichi America (NISA) staff have banded together to form a new company, acttil (stands for: "acceptance + creativity + teamwork + trust + innovation + love").

The team; Jack Niida, Hiroko Kanazashi, and Nao Miyazawa, have a remarkably simple goal for their new company; "acttil will focus on bringing fun, creative games and digital contents such as eBooks from around the world that will target PC, consoles, web, and mobile platforms. Acttil will deliver products and services that are adventurous and unique, sure to make everyone smile," the press release states.

It looks like the new publisher will be focusing on independent developers from Japan, and is offering a host of services, such as localisation, sales support, marketing strategy and so forth.

NISA is one of the finest localisation companies in the world, so it's going to be really interesting to see what these three ex-NISA staff will be able to achieve with their new venture. We wish them the best of luck.


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