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Friday, February 15, 2013

Grimm tales arrive on Spicyworld

American McGee's Grimm has made the treacherous journey from GameTap to the developer Spicy Horse's own Spicyworld. Spread the love!

Not that Grimm, the title dwarf of American McGee's Grimm, is all that loving. Quite the opposite actually as Grimm is all about invading the syrupy sweet fairy tales of the modern world and, shall we say, winding back the clock to a time when things weren't so lovey-dovey.
In "American McGee's Grimm," the player takes control of a dwarf named Grimm on a mission to turn the sweet fairy tales of today into the far-darker tales they were originally. Grimm spreads darkness wherever he goes using sophisticated moves like a butt-stomp, while the denizens of each fairy tale try to keep things as sickly saccharine as possible.
All 23 episodes of Grimm are available now on Spicyworld and can be had by clicking right here. Each one will cost you $1.30 USD, $8 per bundle pack (which collect a few episodes at a time together), or $20 for the whole shootin' match.
Grimm tales arrive on Spicyworld
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