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Friday, September 14, 2012

Original Killzone coming to PSN in HD

An HD remake of the original Killzone was already on the way in next month's Trilogy Collection, now Sony has announced that the game will also be available (sans parts 2&3) on the PSN.

It's true, the first game in the Killzone series (billed as a Halo-killer by some before launch) was a pretty big letdown. The gunplay wasn't all that great and the characters were pretty bland to say the least. The series has gotten much better though in recent years (personally, I loved K2's campaign) and a re-release of Killzone with an HD coat of paint might be a big hit with fans who've never played the 2004 PS2 title.
Originally released for PlayStation 2 in 2004, Killzone tells the story of Jan Templar, an ISA Captain whose home planet comes under attack from a Helghast invasion army. Together with a hot-headed sergeant named Rico, a deadly Shadow Marshal known as Luger, and the half-human, half-Helghast spy Hakha, Templar must attempt to reactivate the Orbital Defense Platform and drive the invading forces from his planet Vekta.
The game will be hitting the PSN day and date with the Trilogy Collection on October 23rd in the US for $14.99 (USD). It's a little unclear at this point if Killzone HD will see a simultaneous release in other territories as well, but we'll find out soon enough I'm sure.

And I'm also sure there are more than a few folks out there who'll be very happy to hear that the game will indeed be packing a full clip of Trophies. Sony was kind enough to release a full list of what you'll get when you hear that magic tone, so hold on tight 'cause here we go:

BronzeCaptainComplete all levels on the easy difficulty
BronzeToothpick Master20 kills with the M32 combat knife
BronzeBackstabber20 kills with the FSK-7 Fury
BronzeBullheaded20 headshots with the M4 Semi-Automatic Pistol
BronzeTripletapperGet 3 headshots in one magazine, using the secondary fire on the IvP-18 Tropov pistol
Bronze3 Birds With One StoneKill 3 Helghast with one cooked M194 Percussion Grenade
BronzeOne For You And One For YouKill 2 Helghast with one Double Shot from the M13 Semi-Automatic Shotgun
BronzeDisproportionate ForceKill 1 unfortunate Helghast soldier with 3 rockets from the BLR-06 Hadra
BronzeEco-WarriorHit 15 Helghast soldiers without reloading, using the secondary fire on the M66 SD Submachine gun
BronzeCall Of The SirenKill 25 Helghast soldiers with the VnD-10M Siren
BronzeExplosive ConsequencesKill 5 Helghast soldiers with one grenade using the attachment on the M82-G Assault Rifle
BronzeRight In The JewelsUse the M224-A3 Heavy Support Weapon to melee 20 Helghast soldiers
BronzeDesignation: DemolitionDestroy 3 Towers using the BDL-23 Dohvat
BronzeThe Reds Of Their Eyes10 headshots with the STA-52 SLAR Sniper rifle
Bronze2 For The Price Of 1Kill 2 Helghast with 1 shot from the BP-02 Pup launcher
BronzeBeep Beep BeeeepKill 10 Helghast with the secondary fire on the M327 Grenade Launcher
BronzeGet Out Of My Comfort ZoneKill a Helghast within 1m with the M404-MAW M. Anti Tank Weapon …and don’t die.
BronzeArtillery ArtistKill a Helghast from 200m+ away with the Pnv-3 Siska
BronzeCovering FireKill 10 Helghast with the M224 Mounted Machine Gun
BronzeSomething BorrowedKill 20 Helghast soldiers with the VnS-10 Scylla Mounted Machine Gun
BronzeShort Controlled BurstsFinish a level above 50% hit ratio
BronzeEconomical SoldierFinish a level above 75% hit ratio
Bronze1 V 50Kill 50 Helghast soldiers without dying
BronzeBrouhahaKill 30 Helghast soldiers in under a minute
BronzeBurn Baby BurnDestroy your first enemy APC
BronzeTanks For The Good TimesDestroy 2 Helghast Tanks attacking the Industrial level
BronzeElite? HA!Take down your first 2 Helghast Elite
BronzeThat Got Their AttentionDestroy the Missile launching APCs in the Misty Waters Firebase
BronzeThey’re On Our Side NowSwitch allegiance of Helghast Sentry bots as Hakha
BronzeAnti-Air SpecialistBring two Dropships crashing down in the Mist Waters Firebase
BronzeBounty HuntedKill the IFO Bounty Hunter
BronzeAbridged BridgeCollapse the Helghast bridge in the Jungle Valley
BronzeSupply And DemandBlow up the ammo dumps in the Forward Logistics Base
BronzeGenerally BetterKill General Lente and his bodyguards
BronzeOrbital StrikeTake down General Adams with a melee attack
BronzeHelghast AssaultComplete Chapter 1
BronzeVekta EvacuatesComplete Chapter 2
BronzeNew AlliesComplete Chapter 3
BronzeStrange CompanyComplete Chapter 4
BronzeEscapeComplete Chapter 5
BronzeMisty WatersComplete Chapter 6
BronzeHunting The TraitorComplete Chapter 7
BronzeForging A PathComplete Chapter 8
BronzeHidden PastsComplete Chapter 9
BronzeOnwards And UpwardsComplete Chapter 10
BronzeHopeComplete Chapter 11
BronzeRapid Reaction ForceComplete Chapter 1 to 11 playing as Templar
BronzeShadow MarshalComplete Chapter 3 to 11 playing as Luger
BronzeISA RegularComplete Chapter 4 to 11 playing as Rico
BronzeField OperativeComplete Chapter 5 to 11 playing as Hakha
BronzeHelghast ChampionWin a battlefields game playing on the Helghast’s side with the enemy Ai set to hard
BronzeISA SaviourWin a battlefields game playing on the ISA’s side with the enemy Ai set to hard
BronzeTwo’s CompanyWin a battlefields game with another player in split screen
SilverScavengerPick up 10,000 rounds for the STA-52 LAR rifle
Silver4 X 4 X 4Kill 4 Helghast in under 4 seconds with the EAW-25/4 Chimera
SilverNobody Hides From MeFinish a level above 90% hit ratio
SilverColonelComplete all levels on the medium difficulty
GoldGeneralComplete all levels on the hard difficulty
PlatinumPlatinumCollect all trophies in Killzone

Source: Playstation Blog
Image from Killzone 3
Original Killzone coming to PSN in HD
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