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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Half-Minute Hero releases on Sept. 27th for PC

No JRPG would be complete without long subtitles!
The hit Playstation Portable and fast-paced role-playing game Half-Minute Hero will be released for personal computers on September 27th for both Steam and the newcomer Playism. Fun fact; that previous sentence has 30 words.

Yes, the speed-oriented RPG is receiving a third edition, this one bearing the subtitle of Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy. For those unaware of the Half-Minute Hero formula, it works like this; the player starts with 30 seconds on the clock and they need to complete a specific task within that time. Combat more-or-less plays out automatically to keep the fast pace of the game while buying and talking completes the gameplay circle. However, to keep the RPG from being ridiculously hard or amazingly short, the player is allowed to refill their time to 30 seconds by paying 200 gold to the Goddess of Time. While 200 gold does seem like a rip-off (at least to me), the rest of the game is looking mighty-fine from the announcement trailer;

The origin for this announcement came in the form of a teaser which Marvelous AQL sent to various websites. The day after the teaser, which itself was slightly obvious, the announcement for Half-Minute Hero on Steam and Playism was made.

This new version will contain the most content, as it contains all of the original content from both the PSP and Xbox Live versions, including the shooter-esque "Princess 30," the dungeon-crawling "Knight 30," and the real-time strategy game "Evil Lord 30." This PC port also contains "Hero 300," which was the final level from the Xbox Live version.

When Half-Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy releases on Steam and Playism at exactly 1:00 PM EDT, it will cost a small $9.99 USD. Accompanying the release is a contest hosted by Marvelous AQL, in which it will give away game codes for HMHSMNCUB through its Twitter account and official website.
Half-Minute Hero releases on Sept. 27th for PC
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