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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tony Hawk HD grinds the XBLA rail

The long awaited 'HD' update of the classic Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series is finally here on Xbox Live this week. Check out some of the new stuff in the game with the Hawkman himself in the new trailer.

Developer Robomodo reinvents a classic with new looks, the same old (excellent) gameplay, and a little DLC.

It's actually pretty great to hear that Actvision will be supporting THPSHD with fresh infusions of DLC. More of what players loved about the franchise is definitely not a bad thing. When the first DLC pack posts in a few weeks on Live, it'll include new skaters, levels from THPS3, and "more"- and will run you a cool 400mspts.

And even though the game is only on Live this week, PSN and PC gamers shouldn't fret too much as Tony will be kickflipping over to those platforms before the Summer is out. For now though, you can add Tony hawk's Pro Skater HD to your Xbox download queue (for 1200mspts) right here.
Tony Hawk HD grinds the XBLA rail
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