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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Skylanders Cloud Patrol levels up

A new level cap and lots more added to the iOS version of everyones favorite cloud hopping adventure.

Loads of new stuff was added this week to Skylanders Cloud patrol, the shooting gallery type spin-off of the popular (that's an understatement right there) console and portable game Skyanders Spyro's Adventure.

Among the additions are new enemies, a rocket boost that allows players to skip certain areas, and a heightened level challenge that gives characters who climb all the way up past level 50 some brand new things to do. Once in that rarified air, players will get a heaping serving of brand new, extra tough challenges thrown their way.

Skylanders Cloud Patrol is available now on the App Store for .99 USD, grab it here. A full on sequel to the first game is also on the way for consoles with Skylanders Giants- look for that one this Fall.
Skylanders Cloud Patrol levels up
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