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Friday, April 20, 2012

Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection up on PSN

It's a day of glorious celebration for PS3 owning Call of Duty fans as the Content Collection #1 (available on Xbox Live for a while now) has hit the console.

For those who may have forgotten what's in the collection, the beefy download includes a quartet of multiplayer maps- Liberation, Overwatch, Black Box and Piazza. Also in the pack, and this is the first time a CoD download has included this, is a pair of Spec Ops missions- Black Ice and Negotiator.

The download is posted now on the Playstation Network (and Xbox Live in case your memory doesn't go back more than a few seconds) for $14.99 A PC version is also coming at some point but there's no word yet on just when we can be expecting that one.
Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection up on PSN
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