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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Xbox Live update is a lil' crazy this week

Not only does this edition of the Xbox Live update feature a game made from the nuttiness of Grasshopper Manufacture, but it's also got a heaping helping of Rayman kooky.

Sine Mora (from GM) is a side-scrolling shmup that has a time dilation gimmick and scaling difficulty that adjusts to how badly and often you lose great you're are doing. It's also loaded with over 60 weapon types and it comes from Grasshopper, so you know it's gonna be an... interesting... ride.

Rayman 3 HD is the other Arcade release in this update and is a little more of a straightforward affair. The inherent weirdness of Rayman and his world aside, this is Rayman 3: Hoodlum's Havoc all prettied up and in HD form. We get better visuals and sound added on to the classic Rayman platforming mold. Not too shabby.


  • Rayman 3 HD - 800mspts -- The third title in the Rayman series all gussied up in its fancy 'HD' duds.
  • Sine Mora - 1200mspts -- Bullet hell or a casual ride through a warzone? Your choice is based on your skill level in this very pretty, time hopping shoot'em up.
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The Xbox Live update is a lil' crazy this week
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